• Fitted black cotton tank from Dana Pisarra is ribbed for an easy, body-conscious fit
  • Sofia Black Cotton Camisole
  • Sofia Black Cotton Camisole from Dana Pisarra
  • Wide, bra-friendly straps from Dana Pisarra

Dana Pisarra

Sofia Black Cotton Camisole




There’s a reason that Dana Pisarra has been a top-seller since we started stocking them over twenty years ago. Each and every design functions effortlessly in a wardrobe: stylish, comfortable, and easy to wear. The Sofia style is the latest in their arsenal of classics. Ultra light-weight, high-quality cotton makes up your new favorite camisole. The only question: which color do you need first?

  • Fitted black cotton tank is ribbed for an easy, body-conscious fit
  • Wide, bra-friendly straps
  • Photographed with panties from Dana Pisarra, not included
  • Designed in Italy by Dana Pisarra

This style is sure to be a favorite for balmy summer months, for hot flashes, and for those who simply tend to run warm. Breathable yet luxurious, this style adds a layer between you and your clothes without compromising on fit or style.

FIT NOTE: In Dana Pisarra sizing, 1=XS, 2=S, 3=M and 4=L. 

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