• Lise Charmel Art et Volupte Ivory Lingerie Set
  • Art et Volupte Ivory Lingerie Set
  • Longline ivory Demi bra from Lise Charmel has center seaming and tulle lining for shape with supportive silk point droit slings over adjustable straps
  • Matching Art et Volupte boyshort from Lise Charmel combines leavers lace, woven embroidery and guipure stitched embroidery over micromesh

Lise Charmel

Art et Volupte Ivory Lingerie Set




A masterpiece in design and construction, this set is truly an example of every detail being exactly spot on. Haute construction combines leavers lace, woven embroidery, and guipure-stitched embroidery appliques over micro-mesh for a set that’s as much art as it is lingerie.

  • Sheer ivory lingerie set combines the finest in French lace and embroidery 
  • Longline demi-cup bra has tulle lining and center seaming for shape, with a supportive exterior sling of silk point droit micro mesh over traditional adjustable spaghetti straps
  • Matching boyshort panty is cheeky and comfortable with a cotton gusset 
  • Designed in France by Lise Charmel 

When we had a storefront, we hung a velvet-lined gilded picture frame from the wall and would pin especially-special pieces inside to be admired by anyone who walked in the door. This set would certainly have made the cut. A classic style and shape has been updated with all the savoir faire that Lise Charmel has to offer. Take it from us: they have a lot. 

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