• Klements Lucid Print Painters Smock Blouse
  • Midnight blue silk blouse from Klements has a trippy hand-drawn pattern showing flowers, statues, planets, mouths, and more
  • Klements Lucid Painters Smock Blouse has a button-up front with a collar and a kick pleat at the back
  • Lucid Painters Smock


Lucid Painters Smock




To see this piece is to love it. As distinctive as it is luxurious, this psychedelic blouse will make every wearing feel like a celebration. Created entirely from the designers hand drawings, every glance will reveal more of the mystery: hidden in the print are flowers, planets, mouths, statues, and countless multi-colored geometric shapes. What do you see?

  • Midnight blue silk blouse has a trippy hand-drawn pattern in shades of orange, green, yellow, blue, and white
  • Button-up front with a collar and a kick pleat at the back
  • Voluminous cuffed sleeves and french seams add an extra luxe touch
  • Designed in the UK by Klements

Fortune favors the bold, and only the fearless will gravitate towards this style. Pair it with a contrasting pattern for an editorial chic, or dress it down with denim--however you wear it, you're sure to be best dressed.

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