• Strap Couture Stay-Up from Falke
  • Stay-Up by Falke available in Anthracite (grey) and Cocoon (neutral), both with black detailing


Strap Couture Stay-Up




Striking, bold and unique, these stockings make a statement. Their graphic print evokes the fashions of the early 20th century, including the insoucient style of EJ Bellocq's Storyville subjects. Infinitely flattering, this style is as easy to wear with boots to a concert as it is to pair with a pair of sky-high heels for a festive night out.

  • 10 denier sheer thigh-highs feature contrast stripe patterning and printed accenting at the upper thigh
  • Silicone lining means they stay up on their own, no need for a garter belt
  • Available in Anthracite (grey) and Cocoon (neutral), both with black detailing
  • Designed in Germany by Falke

Whatever the occasion, these stay-ups will add a welcome pop to any ensemble. 

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