• Fine Filet Stay-Up from Falke
  • Falke stay-up stocking features tone-on-tone patterned detailing


Fine Filet Stay-Up




Why wear a basic when you can wear something more beautiful? Subtle tone-on-tone patterning in this thigh-high from Falke adds visual interest, while still being infinitely wearable.

  • Stay-up stocking features tone-on-tone patterned detailing
  • Available in Black or Havana (reddish brown)
  • Subtle patterning is easy to wear with any color or pattern
  • Banded silicone lining for a flattering style that stays up on its own
  • Designed in Germany by Falke

Whether you're going out for Brunch with friends or dressing your legs for a date, this effortless stay-up will add warmth and style to any ensemble.

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